The world leader in audiophile music on tape, comes the highest quality analogue reel tape album production duplication - OpenReelToReel Hub!

The World Finest Analog Products - offer audiophiles the best audio products from around the world, the album's recording had to sound spectacular. OpenReelToReel is the UK distributor for many high-end audio brands and carries the finest products enjoyed by audiophiles today.

The masterpiece titles on tape featured from over 40 professional studio/label and plus few independent artists to offer analogue sound on the tape, each a 15 ips, ¼-inch 2-track (½ track) audiotape copy with IEC or NAB Equalization, are sourced from a copy of the original analogue master tape.

The music on reel-to-reel tape – your master tape duplication copy are handmade product in real time, by sound engineers and studio professionals with today technology advantages: greater dynamic range, especially at frequency extremes; minimal signal processing; and unsurpassed richness and realism - it's the closest to hearing the music on master tape copy.

The OpenReelToReel offers audiophiles the best music on audio reel to reel tape from around the world. Find the music or tune you love in the format you love, from alternative and rock to soundtracks, if you’re looking for high-quality analog sound then take a look at the partner's dedicated websites.

Our Mission

The OpenReelToReel was founded with the idea in mint to offer audiophiles the best audio reel to reel tape recordings from around the world, the recording of the album had to sound spectacular.

Our Vision

OpenReelToReel team pride ourselves on giving exceptional bespoke customer service, keeping the customer informed about new releases and music on different formats, and making sure that purchases arrive exactly how expected.

Our Values

OpenReelToReel continues to grow with our partners on a daily basis, adding the newest and most exciting music on reel to reel tape. We look forward to being the best audiophile hub as music on tape source for years to come.